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HONEYDUKES is a serving ROLLED ICE CREAM. It is a sensational frozen dessert unlike most ice cream already in the market. Rolled ice cream is made in front of the customers right before their eyes. It is handcrafted with passion using healthy, fresh and real flavors. It has no sugar, no preservatives and no artificial flavors. At honeydukes, we aim to serve each cup a unique taste and twist of ice cream.


  • Honeydukes Creamery is an innovative Ice Cream shop located along Barangay Carlatan City of San Fernando La Union at #1 KPC Commercial Building near Saint Louise College and Midway Grill.

Honeydukes offers a wide range variety of flavors. Starting on what we call the Fantasy Flavors which is consists of real delicious chocolate flavors. Our own mix of Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, M & M, Oreos and Matcha. 


 We also offer a wide range variety of flavors for those who love fruits. And we call it the Fruity Flavors. Fruity Flavors is guaranteed made in a 100% all fresh and organic ingredients. So for those who love strawberry, mango, banana and ube i think this flavor will suit you and your taste buds right in.


So in each ice cream you order our staff’s will prepare it to you in an chilled stainless steel plate cooled up to -15 degrees fahrenheit where the ice cream is formed right in front of your eyes through a skilled aeration utilizing specialized tools up to pur own ingredients.


And at the end, your ice cream is spread thinly on to the plate. And depending on your desire you can try our add on-s which consists of gummy bears, peperos m & m’s and panda biscuits.